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Calaido has a digital library featuring thousands of stunning Irish scenes that can be incorporated into your printed material or website. These “stock” photos display the natural beauty of Ireland’s landscapes, as can only be captured by top-quality photographic equipment. Care to have a look? Those Images are available for calendars, books, magazines, advertising, web-page designs, etc.

Licensing explained

When you buy an image from Calaido, you purchase the right to use that image in a particular way. This is called a license. We offer rights-managed licensing, which means that the image is licensed for a specific use. The buyer pays a license fee each time they use the image. The price of an image can be affected by intended use, media, duration and territory.

Search by Keywords

The following Keywords apply to all Gallery images. It may assist you in finding YOUR image(s). Click or use the search option.


Register online to use the powerful tool of personal lightboxes which will help you to make your final decision without loosing your research choices.

In order to purchase images and get access to lightboxes and invitation-only galleries, you must have a free account with PhotoShelter. PhotoShelter is a service which provides image delivery and sales capabilities for this website.

More than 3000 Images - Private Galleries

Madeleine's full image archive features over 3000 images of stunning irish landscapes, activities and culture in Ireland. The public gallery features only 500 images. Please contact us if you would like to search through the full archive and we will give you full access

Free Research

Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us. With your specifications we will research our collection of thousends of images and provide a customized digital submission.


After receiving the payment the image will be provided via Internet download link. They are highresolution jpgs, unsharpened and Adobe RGB colourspace. We can also provide highresolution Tiffs (8 bit or 16 bit) or specificly optmized images (size, propotion, sharpend) upon your request.

Licensing for Print & Web Media

We license editorial, advertising, corporate and digital reprodution rights

Usage Fees & Pricing

Usage Fees are based on the reproduction right required for your project and are industry standard rate. Rights-managed usage for images are restricted to the following categories:

• Usage Region/Country
• Image Dimensions
• Type of media
• Duration/Circulation

Non-Exclusive and Exclusive

All prices of the online example calculator are based on a non-exclusive license, which means, that another buyer can also purchase and use the image under the same license like you do.

Exclusive Licenses are available as well. The buyer obtains exclusive use of an image under the terms of the licence: these terms may affect the use, media, territory and/or duration in which the image can be used by other buyers. Exclusive Licensing can be an advantage for high-profile projects such as ad campaigns and promotions. Please contact us for a specific quotation.

License Agreement

All images and content on image gallery are rights-managed and copyright © Madeleine Calaido Weber. A license Agreement and usage fee are required for any/all photo usage. Upon determining your specific reproduction rights, a Licensing Agreement and invoice will be issued detailing the reproduction rights granted; Reproduction rights are granted with full payment of usage fee

Combined Service Packages

As a Design Professional offering Graphic Design, Web Design, Stock Images, Photo Assignments, VR 360 Tours/Panoramas and Fine Art Prints, Madeleine will deliver a cohesive and professional result which will both enhance and raise the profile of your business. The ability to offer all of these services in a 'Combined Service Package' guarantees consistency, great design and a great value price.
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