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Professional and Artistical Photography for Interior, Pets, Horses, Musicians, Artists The Power of professional Images

In today's business world you not only need a presence on the internet, you need to stand out amidst the many competitors who are already there. Professional photography and graphic design are the two key visual aspects that catch the viewers' attention. How can your website or printed material have immediate impact in the mind of your potential clients? Start with the best-possible photos and designs. Let your competitors use images that are merely good enough. Madeleine will present your business with sharpness, beauty and artistry that will catch everyone's eye in top-quality magazine adverts, brochures, posters, websites. anywhere. There are options available to you:

Photo-shoot on location

The training and experience that Calaido brings onto your location, means you will have the service of high-end, high-resolution equipment combined with a remarkable sense for seeing beauty. The result is a series of photo images that can catch the imagination of your target audience. When you need photos of business executives, a beloved family pet, or valued heirloom antiques, have confidence in Calaido. Perhaps you want panorama photos to feature a room or golf course, a lobby or a garden… or you might choose to have an interactive VR 360-degree Panorama on your website. If your marketing plan uses photographic images, Calaido can do it for you. 

Contract Licensing

With contract licensing, I retain the copyright to all images, and license the exclusive use of these images to you for a negotiated period of time. There will be a bill for the "creative session" and a bill for "licensing." The creative session is bid to include everything we need to produce the image to your specifications. If your project requires consumables, assistants or contracting, these expenses would be factored in. If you need models, makeup, wardrobe, travel, etc, all of these items would be factored into the bid. You pay one fee for the entire shooting portion of the project, even if the project takes several days. The contract license is a separate charge, and includes exclusive use of the image(s) you choose for the length of the contract. The license is negotiated for certain period of time (typically one year), based on usage, size, placement, circulation, photo credit, etc. Contract licensing can be beneficial to your project budget in a couple ways. First, if your advertising campaign is for a year, you don’t have to buy all rights to the images, saving you money. If you wish to extend the ad, all you have to do is renew the license. There would be no additional creative fee. Secondly, you don’t have to pay for images you don’t want to use. During a typical photo session, we might shoot 200 images to capture that perfect one look. You only pay for that one or two images you select.

Copyright explained

To assist you for further questions regarding Photo Assignments and Copyright of these images, please visit the follwing website:

Combined Service Packages

As a Design Professional offering Graphic Design, Web Design, Stock Images, Photo Assignments, VR 360 Tours/Panoramas and Fine Art Prints, Madeleine will deliver a cohesive and professional result which will both enhance and raise the profile of your business. The ability to offer all of these services in a 'Combined Service Package' guarantees consistency, great design and a great value price.
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