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Nature is a fascinating kaleidoscope of beauty

Blogspot Facebook Flickr MySpace Panoramio I am fascinated and deeply touched by nature. Nature is my best friend and my home. I dedicate my life to the beauty, harmony and peace of it. I am an observer of the ever-changing relationships between light, shapes and movements. those endless circles of enfolding and overlapping. Photography, design and art are my ways to express and collect those aesthetic moments and to bring it into a form which everybody can join. When I create the paintings or the photographs, I am 'right here, in the NOW'. I am filled with gratitude and inspiration and I don't get tired of watching the changes of lights... moment by moment, so unique, eternal in the now, and never seen again in the future.

To have received the skills I have, and to live in the heart of nature, make me feel blessed by life. I am always happy when someone finds a moment of peace, beauty and inspiration from the unique plays of form and light captured in my images, because that is the heart and essence of my art!

When I am taking a photograph, designing promotion material or painting, I don't think. I say 'yes' to what I find appealing in the scene in front of me.

I found a way to capture the beauty of my environment and inside myself.

It was the type of mystical moment that remains within forever. The images manifests it into a visual memory of a peace that cannot be put into words!