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VR 360° Panoramas and Virtual Tours
The unforgettable, virtual see experience and powerful advertising tool
being able to place your guests or customers inside a room and have them look around, left, right, up and down. That is what 360-degree virtual panoramas and tours are all about. You can have full-immersion interactive images delivered to your clients, guests and visitors through your website.
360° Tour Gallery
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• What is a “Virtual 360° Panorama and Virtual Tour”?

It is the art of capturing or creating a complete scene as a single image, as viewed when rotating about a single central position. A VR 360° panorama is generally a wide photographic image encompassing a 360-degree circle, and can encompass an entire spherical view. The final digital image, known as a “virtual (VR) 360° panorama”, is viewed through an interactive software interface (?). The viewer is at the centre of a virtual cylinder or sphere onto which is projected a wrap-around image. Within this image, the viewer can rotate horizontally and vertically, as if they were immersed within the real-world scene.

A virtual tour connects 2 or more three-dimensional, spherical VR 360° panoramas which enable the user to become completely immersed in the photograph. Never before has a technology so thoroughly captured the way we see the world. The user can navigate around the image by simply using their mouse. By clicking on 'hot spots' on the actual image or on a room on an “interactive floor plan” (?), the user can move around the scene by “walking” from room to room as if they were actually there.

• What can Calaido's VR 360° panoramas and VR tours do for me?

We can help you to always be a step ahead of your competitors. Your business, your clients and guests will benefit from the advantages of this more life-like interactive presentation. Interactive content is an important element in your advertising and marketing strategy, and offers great advantages in your customer service. Real-estate listings with virtual tours attract 20 times the visitors as compared to listings without photographs, and 6 times the visitors with only a still photograph. With our high-quality 360-degree panorama photography and interactive virtual tours you'll reach your clients, visitors and guests in a captivating, immersive and comprehensive manner. Guide them through your property, restaurants, hotels, countryhouses, shops, museum or landscapes. Calaido produces VR 360° panoramas and VR tours using the latest custom Java Applets and in QuickTime VR format as well.

• Which types of VR 360° panoramas and VR tours are available?

• Full-Screen Virtual 360° Panoramas
• Linked 'walk-through' Virtual Tours
• VR 360° Panoramas and VR Tours with sound
• VR Tours with “interactive floor plans” or maps
• VR 360° Panoramas and VR Tours with linked images

• What are interactive floor plans?

At Calaido we use two-dimensional interactive floor plans as a navigational aid to help users navigate around a property, a featured accommodation or a tourist site. While interactive floor plans are mainly used in real estate, virtual tours and are completely optional. Calaido can produce interactive floor plans for use with virtual tours of car interiors, boats, caravans, etc. If a floor plan or layout can be drawn, Calaido can produce an interactive floor plan. So how does one of these floor plans work? The user simply clicks on a room or area on the floor plan to have the virtual tour image for that part of the property jump up onto the computer screen. Interactive floor plans provide the user with a quick and accurate visual idea of the layout and space of your featured site. For example, you will be supplying realistic images of the relative location and the size of each room in a home, AND in relation to the scale of the property. If a viewer happens to get lost while taking a virtual tour, never fear! …the interactive floor plan shows exactly where you are by highlighting the current location.

• How can I present an interactive floor plan?

VR 360° panoramas and VR tours can be published in online production (your homepage), offline production (multimedia CDs, projections) and print production (postcards, flyers, brochures, advertisements, trade magazines, consumer magazines, outdoor signs, tradeshow pamphlets). Content can be adapted to your corporate design. Our high-definition photography will allow large prints to be made from our panoramas.

• When you choose to hire Calaido 360 panorama VR services ...

You get the creative talent of an experienced professional commercial photographer specializing in 360-degree imaging, and a team of web-integration and design professionals. We ensure a fast turnaround, and quality of service is guaranteed. You receive the utmost in satisfaction from your virtual panoramas because we understand and use the latest virtual technologies, and know how to best present them to your audience. [Integrated multimedia and web development for multi-node tours are also available]

• Prices - VR Panoramas

The cost per panorama is based on three variables:

  1. a creative-photography fee
  2. a charge for post-production editing and preparation, and
  3. a “Rights and Usage” fee which is determined by your choice of several options. (See below for details.)

That is why we cannot quote a specific price without prior consultation with you, because we must first establish your needs and preferences.

To give you a guideline:  The common cost for internet-ready media for QuickTime or Java viewing, ranges from approximately €470 to €2000, but is not limited to those figures. Please contact us for further details.

For pricing details and further information, please contact Madeleine
Combined Service Packages

As a Design Professional offering Graphic Design, Web Design, Stock Images, Photo Assignments, VR 360 Tours/Panoramas and Fine Art Prints, Madeleine will deliver a cohesive and professional result which will both enhance and raise the profile of your business. The ability to offer all of these services in a 'Combined Service Package' guarantees consistency, great design and a great value price.
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